#NaPoWriMo day 1

Hello and welcome to my new blog for #NaPoWriMo. Please do visit my other blog, sugarjpoet.blogspot.co.uk, I’ve not forsaken it but the app is not very good and I predict the need to publish from my phone if I am to do a poem every day. So follow me as I traverse this #NaPoWriMo journey for the month of April. I don’t know if there are rules, but all the poems I post will have been started on the day of posting. Enough talking… the poem.


Words do not perch on your tongue resisting the urge of flight.
Every first thought stains the crisp white paper which is the air before me.
It is now red.

Though red and white are not different in your eyes,
blood has been normalised.
The hateful made colloquial.
The purity of speech bastardised.
This intoxication of air is criminal.

You posit yourself at the end of a spectrum
thinking of life in straight lines.
Only to realise this Earth is a globe.
Your line goes around a globe.
You are incredulously similar to those you deplore.

Hatred gives identity.

I am unsure as to what this poem is.
Whether window or mirror.
I think it is a window.

At certain times of the day
a window
a mirror


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