#NaPoWriMo day 2

So it’s day 2 and so far so good. There’s a NaPoWriMo website and everyday they have a prompt. Today’s prompt was family portrait. I have younger siblings but they’ve gone gallivanting and the house is quiet. So this poem is about that, loosely adhering to the prompt, it’s called…

The Noise 

When you’re in the midst of noise
silence is most attractive.
She is the movies.
The beauty at the end of the bar.
So you go with her.
You are led by the softness of her touch.
She ambles down hotel hallways
angling for your indulgence.

Each of your following footsteps
an hour
silence likes you.
You like her.
But you do not love her.
You love the sound of hands too small,
making bangs too loud,
on your bedroom door.
You love that “PlayStation head” is an insult,
And will likely be said
with a patois tinge.

You love noise.
You like silence.

You like to walk with her sometimes.
You do not like when she enters your home.
You do not like that every time noise leaves,
she presumes she is welcome.
You can not say no.
You simply cuddle,
each turning the other into a teddy.
You simply cuddle,
and wait.

Wait for small hands,
loud bangs,
and high pitched voices.
Wait for loud.
Wait for the return.

When they come
they take your teddy.
They make her nocturnal.
You pretend to be sad.

They can never know,
you love the noise.


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