#NaPoWriMo day 6

Day 6 is upon us and I am feeling the NaPoWriMo prompt which is “food”. I’ve not written the love poem to curry goat that is long over due but I’m hoping this one wets your taste buds! So enjoy…

Jerk Seasoning

A meal without meat is not a meal,
it is a snack.

You want your romance like your food.
A relationship without sex is not a relationship,
it’s a collection of pointless conversations.

You keep your words heavily seasoned so you can eat.
How long till people see you’re a jerk,
no matter the seasoning.

You are no eligible bachelor.
You are those hurtful men, hurtful men, hurtful men.
How many times can you hurt the same woman
before you have to look inside yourself,
see what kind of man you are?

Do you ever get scared?
Or do you just never look?

You know no one likes a vegan.
But you also know there are better ways to cook.


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