#NaPoWriMo day 7

It’s been a week! If you’re a day one reader who’s still here, I salute you. If you’re not, jump on the bandwagon, it’s not full at all. I tried to write a tritina, but it flopped so I decided to pick 3 random words from my word jar and craft a poem. My word jar is a jar of words written on crumpled paper, these words were given to me by different friends (poets, a doctor, a student, and a newly wed). The words picked out were vellichor, impresario, and soliloquy. 10 house points to anyone who knows what they all mean without looking them up… I had too :/ Any way, enjoy…

Arguments With Bae 

You are pretentious like the use of vellichor in ordinary conversation.
I will not manage your character flaws like off notes in a grand symphony.
I care not how this opera goes, I am no impresario!

She began her soliloquy of retort,
“You are pretentious like the use of impresario in ordinary conversation.”

She bit my tongue for me.
In her frustration I saw the wit that wove love so deeply in my being.
I smiled.
Under furrowed brows, she did too.


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