#NaPoWriMo day 10

I have reached day 10, and the perspiration is beginning to build. It’s not easy writing a poem everyday, let alone one you’re willing to share with the world (even if in my case the world means just you, you beautiful person you). Enjoy…

Going Back For Love

Never said I love you.
I forgot those words in yesterdays jacket.
I imagine they clink silently against cotton
to the demons in my closet.

I went to unlock your heart,
keyed in the wrong numbers.
Patted my pockets
felt nothing but thigh.

Never said I love you.
Simply knocked gently
hoping hollow hearts kept lodgers.
Somebody to hear my gentle rap.

I lament how long I knocked.
Rushed home when I realised
I myself have no lodgers.

I lamented the thought
of your knuckles becoming sore.
Hoped you were returning home
with the same thoughts from my door.

Hoped we took the same roads.
Prayed to cross paths.
Expected not to.



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