#NaPoWriMo day 13

If 13 is the troublesome number it would like to believe that it is, then my internet will cut out and the forces of superstition will converge on me here in Coventry and I shall fall at day 13. If you’re reading this then we can establish that the number 13 failed and is clearly moist. Enjoy…


Does your chest tighten
when you feel your soul changing?
As though your heart were the head of a screw,
your soul the driver.

I am small.

Realisation has turned my breaths as shallow as the import of my existence.

I eat more than locust and honey.
I have seen cold water fall
from the sky with reduced gravity.
I know nothing.

I have seen little.

My small sphere of existence
would be a sun to orbit around
to many.

We are little.

Less planets and stars,
more protons and neutrons.

We are small.

So small.

not insignificant.


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