#NaPoWriMo day 20

I wrote a day 20 piece, but it evolved into something that needs more consideration before it’s given to the world. I feel sad not sharing anything with you so here’s something I wrote last year…

Conflicted Police Hater

Blue flashes and ricochets off softly illuminated walls in the evening darkness.

I hear sirens with my eyes,

But the messages they speak are unintelligible.

Bright lights are supposed to indicate that things will be alright.

But the intended purpose of police,

Is disconnected from the reality.

I am running in the smog of racist thoughts,

Suffocating under the weight of forearms that don’t respect my skin.

I clutch my neck.

Heavy hurt eyelids turn everything red.

I feel my body for bullet holes but I am bewildered,

By the smoothness of my torso under the tips of my fingers.

The ridges in their knuckles are stained with blood.

They can’t wash their hands of the beatings they’ve given me,

Because lady liberty wipes away the consequences for fingers that pulled triggers.

You cannot be sanctified by the blood from your sins.

The lion and the tiger are different beasts,

But it proves prudent to be wary of both,

As they are dangerous kin.

So it is with you,

You frolicking western pigs.

Your hoof prints have not yet stained my carpet,

I expect they soon will.

Even still, in troubled times I will call you.

I may even clap when your behaviour is honourable.

But my skin will never be comfortable in your presence.

I will pray.

Every time I pass you, rifle in hand.

I will pray,

That your bared teeth don’t pierce my neck.

Not because my life shows any evidence of bad treatment.

But because as a black man, I feel I just should.


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