#NaPoWriMo day 21

I have a fear that my intros for the next few days are just going to be laments about how hard this writing everyday malarkey is. I feel my writing stores depleting. If anything I expect the NaPoWriMo challenge to leave me with a real appetite to read. Thank you for staying this long, enjoy…

Ink Fingers 

I do not know what it is to run a marathon.
I am not accustomed to pounding bricks.
Not used to breaking walls.

I do know what it is for hearts to swell.
Like a single cheerio left waiting
at the bottom of  a bowl
slowly becoming milk.

When it swells to large,
the heart stops functioning properly.

That is not to say have a smaller heart,
keep that organ large and beating,
just don’t stay too long in forgotten milk.


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