#NaPoWriMo day 22

Big up Emeka Ene out in Berlin. Top guy, top poet. No preamble today because I am happy and I just want to share this poem, enjoy…

An Everyday Observation of Evil

The corners of your mouth are dry and scratchy,
you have been gorging on consumerist greed.
You care not for the well being of the hands,
just the content they can pluck from their pockets.

You stand on so many bodies,
sit a top a chair formed of so many minds,
but claim this throne as your own invention.
Encouraging your D.I.Y ideology
as though ‘I’ were the integral part of unity.

You, my friend, make decisions based on algorithms,
not love.
You slide my hard earned through cracks
but can not extend mercy when my money is too short.
You simply wait, you do not compute.

You hide behind the guise of knowledge and advancement,
whilst plotting to steal more jobs than the immigrants ever could.

You are dangerous.
Deceptively enticing
sometimes I follow,
choosing you over those with hearts.

I am a shameful being
full of contradictions and hypocrisies.
That doesn’t excuse you.

I will not go.
I will not remove my baggage.
You are everything that is wrong with the world;
an exterior of plastic,
insides made of cold metal.

I hate you, self checkout.


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