#NaPoWriMo day 26

It was a great privilege to get to be on a performance workshop led by Adrian Lester today (yes, THAT Adrian Lester). Super cool dude who really knows his stuff. I think there are workshops that you do which are great but don’t have an impact that resonates on you or your work for a particularly long time. This was not one of those, food for thought that will digest into change. Moving on from that dodgy metaphor into the poem, which is comprised of sentences all noted down from conversation at a pub after said workshop. This is new territory for me, but it was fun and the sentences you collect from conversations is so interesting in isolation. I have a few odd ones in the notebook now, but for you the ones that make a poem, enjoy…

Pub Conversations 


Were you just testing?

No, that’s just wrong. Did you see the nature programme?

Why are you like this?

Naked ladies walking in the undergrowth.

That’s just spooky.

Why do I always give too much information?
Shut up woman!

I’m nervous.
Why are you like this?


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