#EverydayWriPo Tears 

This is a subdued return to my blog. One where I couldn’t escape the world’s evils. On these days I am compelled to write. I share these words now because they might mean something to you. 


My eyes water, but I can’t let a tear fall. 

Tears are too close to dripping blood that pooled in the middle of his chest. 

Tears run down faces like black feet on pavements, and are forced to fall like their bullets make black men do. 

Tears are too similar to human lives, everyone can cry them, but some tears don’t matter. 

Tears are painted blue, but when I clench my eyes all I see is red. 

If I cry, someone will tell me these tears are my fault, I have heard too often how the ones weeping brought the pain on themselves. 

I can’t let these tears fall


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