#EverydayWriPo Painting Colour

It’s been a minute, but before the dust on this blog gets to much and you sneeze let me provide the cloth and Mr Sheen. I hosted the first monthly night of ‘Spit the Atom @ Slam!’ on Friday with Gabriel Akamo. We did a writing challenge based on the contents of a special poets  Sainsbury’s shop and this is the product of that. The next night will be 9/9/16, but until then enjoy this one. I’m not sure about the title, so let me know what you think…

Painting Colour

Flying paper is the fourth word,
in the second sentence of abuse
she launched at me.

I stopped taking her words in
when she called me a fat falafel
head imagined what shade of black
meant the capillaries under her skin
were boiling cherry tomato red.

She stopped her tirade.

Breathed many shallow breaths.

I naively believed I was in receipt
of some sort of reprieve.
“You” she simultaneously breathed
and said, ready to begin again…

the director declared,
sipped his instant coffee
sent everyone home.

On my darkness inspired walk
I thought about all the black
women I had known.

How none of them had bristles
like the ones the director loved
to paint. I wonder why
he chose to frame black that way.