My little lamb #NaPoWriMo (day 3)

Tell em it’s me again! I don’t know why I say that as if we don’t know that this is a regular thing for every day of the month. Another flamesy poet is also doing NaPo, go and follow @TyroneLewis22 his poem Dark Side for day 3 is amazing. But we will get to Tyrone later on in this month.

Today belongs to Kat Francois, o.g bad woman poet of epic proportions. I am privileged to be a part of Poets Platform a youth poetry group that she runs. We are in rehearsals this week preparing for a performance of our work called Grey Matters. Kat is one of the best facilitators I’ve worked with and her work is raw and hard hitting, go and check out her website for more

Here’s me poem for today…


It is neither better nor worse
to use the opposite hand, simply different.
A foreign body, a new acquaintance.
It is fun trying new things, for a time.
In time, patience becomes pain.
You covet the norm, switch hands,
more confidently grip pen.



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