Oga on top #NaPoWriMo (day 4)

I am enjoying the beauty and warmth of NaPoWriMo this month so so much. Shout out to all my silent NaPo people, especially the who have sent me a poem to read on the lo, thank you.

Today is the day that we pay respect to the Oga on top that is Emmanuel Sugo. Champion bad boy poet, mr leng it down producer, follow him on twitter @EMMANUELSUGO he is one of my favourite poets his use of language is head spinning. Check out his stuff on his blog, click here, and also catch him at Jawdance on the 19th and at RAP Party in May.

and now my poem…

Divine in Mud

How many necks have gone crooked looking to the sky to understand life?
I am beginning to notice the inhibition neck pains cause.
I am done looking at high ceilings pretending the glorification of white things is divine.
I am now ready for life, prostrating, God is in the dirt, the dust, this earth.
So fling yourself now into mud, worship in clean garments is futility.


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