Telefone #NaPoWriMo (day 5)

I really forgot how beautiful a project Telefone by Noname is, it’s a sensational project. Her lyrics are pure poetry and Casket Pretty the least listened to song on soundcloud from the album ALWAYS breaks my heart. That tells you the quality of the project. It’s free to listen to, I recommend that you do so for sure, especially if you’re a poet who likes hip hop.

Feeling kinda weird today, strange emotions. I could probably do with a hug from the poet ima recommend to you know. She is o.g. Don dada of Hug Lyf. An incredible poet, whom has blown me away from the first time I heard her work. Shade Joseph (@ShadeJoseph) is a sensational poet, check out her Sofar here and be sure to keep abreast of her work.

My poem today is a form I was introduced to during BYP this year (get to know) and it’s called A Gramme of &s and is a form devised by Terrance Hayes. The last word of each line is a word derived from the title word. It’s also 11 lines long, and there are other technicalities too if you want to try one that I’m sure you can just look up. Here it is…


This spirit of mine is not a trophy.
If it were, the gold plating would be rubbing off, a tarp
punctured with holes like skin. Rain finding port
at the edge of each burned circle. This hellfire is a party
taking place in a temple. Spilt rum can’t scorch this oath
from inside me, but erasure is not a fast trap.
It picks away slowly till nothing is present, empty tray
spirit. Angels don’t sing over samples, only harp
or lyre. Is this why man makes himself a god, puts himself atop
others? For sanity’s sake I may seek a broad path.
Remove redemption, become a promise less Torah.


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