Don’t forget the happy thoughts #NaPoWriMo (day 6)

Don’t forget the happy thoughts. All I need is happy thoughts. I am currently very tired and definitely running late because I am uploading rn. See this deep love mi ave fi yu. Don’t take it for granted, don’t you take my love for granted. I am clearly tired. Don’t mind me.

I have mentioned him before and today shall recommend him to you as a poet of epic proportions. His mind works in wondrous ways with words, his name is Gabriel Akamo, @GabrielAkamo. Check out his (under construction) website where you’ll find in the building work a NaPo blog where he blesses you with poems each day this month. Do the deed, check him out here.

Nana’s Garden 

When I was a child I grew sunflowers in my Nan’s back garden.
They towered over me like Mary under the shadow of the Cross.
I don’t remember when they died,
but now standing in my Grandma’s garden, the crosses aren’t there.


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