Cordial #NaPoWriMo (day 7)

Never have I ever seen somebody put so much cordial in a glass of mixed drink. Imagine filling your cup up half way with cordial, you’re basically diluting the water, mad ting. Anyways, I have things to do, a home to go to and an entire evening of mine to spend learning lines.

Here ye, here ye, this day we bask in the fire of King Jolade (@JoladeO_). Go check his accolades, he has them, but this one right here, he crowns himself by the greatness of his bars. There’s beautiful imagery, great artistry and a vulnerable truth that underpins all his work. He’s levels and he has one of my favourite poetry videos online, check out ’97 down below. (So man didn’t know you could embed videos like this till now, it is fitting that I discovered this with this poem. Ain’t nobody got time to do it for the others so mek sure you click all the links for the previous posts innit.)

Drawing from Wells

You don’t know if they’re windows or mirrors,
those glass orifices you keep looking down hoping to see life.
You are an absence of light,
unable to discern the presence of water.
You cup your hands to her face expecting too much.
Still, you put your lips to hers, hoping to drink forever




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