The Black Album #NaPoWriMo (day 9)

I am incredibly drained but when you put in work to make something happen and it is does, what a rewarding feeling. I am truly joyful and thankful for the sun, there’s something about sunshine that just puts a little more into my step when I walk out my door. It’s just a small taste but it’s a good reminder after long periods of English grey that what you take into your skin truly makes a difference. If your melanin is strong, hell, even if it isn’t and you’re out here turning to a dried tomato with a likkle piece a sun, go sit it in and soak it up whilst it’s about here. It’s so easy to spend so much time inside, or behind screens or under artificial light, this is feeling preachy but enjoy the sun innit.

I was vibing to The Black Album on my way home this evening and it’s dope, my favourite Jay project for sure, I forgot how good it was.

Malakaï Sargeant @MalakaiSargeant is a bad boy poet. Privileged to do BYP with him this year. He’s so talented and is constantly doing something. S+K project… Veranda… he’s collaborating and really flexing in this arts scene. Check him out and keep your eye out for what he’s involved in. Check out Anchored below. (See how I’m flexing with the embedded videos *brushes dirt off shoulder*)

Change Clothes

The sky is empty of day–
although night is still slurping,
trying to suck out the last remnants of light.

*Pharrell voice*
sexy sexy
ahh ahhhhhh
I bop and snap my fingers just as I’m told to.

When night has drunk all of day act the fool.
There is no light to make you wet with shame.




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