Arsenal fan tv and chill #NaPoWriMo (day 10)

Does this classify as click bait? Perhaps. But I am watching Jamie Carragher rip into Arsenal after they lost 3-0 to my local team Crystal Palace. This is incredibly satisfying to watch and thus I must revel in it somewhat. May the reign of Wenger continue for many moons.

Now to poetry. This girl right here is an amazing poet and person. I could wax lyrical about Ruth Sutoyé @RuthSutoye all day long. But I don’t even need to talk to much because her poetry does that for itself. Follow her, she’s nang, and you’ll want to see her perform. She’s behind @RSHaus_ who have put on some dope events. I went to the Loop last time out and it was a great night, so I defo recommend you check out the next one (more info here).  I’ve done too much talking, her poetry,  page 25 (PDF) of this years BYP anthology which can be found here.

You cannot know the depths of the sea

She says she must swim in the history of her people’s sin.
Touch the bottom of the pool.
I don’t think she understands that those waters are an ocean.
That she is too human to swim that deep.
She doesn’t know that the pressure down there will kill her.
She doesn’t understand tears cried under water are still guilty.


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