I did this yesterday but internet… #NaPoWriMo (day 12)

I went to an event today, performed but it was a bypartisan discussion on Brexit. It was good and nice to be in a space with young people and healthy tension. But time is running out so tomorrow maybe.

I don’t have a fire poet recommendation today as I won’t be able to give them their dues in the time I have to post this.

untitled 2

Flowers are plucked.
Trees are cut down.
You want a tree.
Your hands can only pluck.
You can’t pluck a tree.
You still want a tree.
Desires unchecked kill things.
You do not want a tree,
you like it’s shade,
you want comfort, darkness.
If to own, is to cut, you cannot have shade.
Your hands must learn to do other things.


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