You know my ting #NaPoWriMo (day 13)

Ghetts is a bad man innit. His flow and aggression used to put me off but the older I get the more I check for something he’s doing or done, he’s hard.

I’ve seen a lot of biscuit talk on the TL, I’ve seen some party ring slander and some fake news that Bourbon is a bad boy biscuit. First off, party ring is not an elite level biscuit but respect it please. If you’re like me, and due to having younger siblings you find yourself at children’s birthday parties then you know that party rings are exactly the biscuit you’re sliding away from the kids table. Them chocolate bourbon tings are a sorry excuse for a biscuit. They parade around as a chocolate biscuit of divine taste but that’s a malignant lie. My top 3 selected biscuits are the shortcake ones that are half chocolate covered from M&S. That’s an elite level biscuit, don’t test it. Now digestives and custard creams have to be top 3 because they’re consistent reliable biscuits. If the M&S biscuit is your flair attacker then a digestive and custard cream are your centre backs and midfield engine. They may not get the awards but everyone knows who the most important players to the team are. Honorouble mention to chocolate hobnobs and chocolate covered digestives. Jaffa Cakes aren’t biscuits, don’t even mention them near my head please.

So this poet today, Yomi Sode, true G. Uncle Yoms is an inspirational being, his work rate is top notch and he just gives off love from his being. His show C.O.A.T on June 8th is sold out and did so in days because no one wants to miss it. He runs a monthly night alongside Sean Mahoney and Amina Jama called BoxediN, follow them and get to know. @YomiSode go and follow him.

Occidental people

Bite the teat that feeds you.
Curse when the milk taste like blood.




6 thoughts on “You know my ting #NaPoWriMo (day 13)

    1. They’re not fancy but if you ain’t got them in your yard your tea ain’t popping, they’re the engine biscuit. Know the levels please


  1. Ah madness yuh ah chat. Malted milk is the worst for tea, you can’t even dip for any amount of time before it disintegrates into mush and flops into your mug. Get out.


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