DAMN. #NaPoWriMo (day 14)

King Kendrick dropped! The new Kendrick dropped! I don’t like to make statements about an album after one or two listens, but I sense the greatness in this project. It’s like a parcel with a distinct shaped object inside, it does not need to be fully unwrapped for you to know what it is. That being said I’ll leave it a while before I declare this project as anything with my chest. I sense a lot of layers to this project, and with rumours about a second project dropping on Sunday I’m gon keep quiet and just live this special moment in hip hop. I will say this, Kendrick MUST be in your GOAT conversation (at least) because what he’s already done is truly greatness. I’m excited to sit with this project for months/years and just unpack and enjoy. Also, the way this brudda works and rides a beat switch DAMN.

I’m gassed, I’m gassed. The poet I am recommending today is sensational. A woman whose name can comfortably leave my mouth after speaking of the artistic greatness that is Kendrick Lamar. Theresa Lola is an incredible poet. I have vivid memories of when I’ve experienced (because it is an experience) her poetry. The first was a poem she wrote about her Grandad and that moved my heart in a way I hadn’t felt from poetry prior. Another was at an amazing night, RAP Party (man like Inua Ellams) where she did a piece dedicated to Yasiin Bey aka Mos Def (below is the same poem performed at Sofar), and that too twanged my spirit. Her poem Psalm 151 from last years Barbican Young Poets anthology, again, a poem that has twanged my spirt. This woman right here, HOOOO MY DAYS! And she’s just such cool people’s. Follow her @Theresa_Lola. Read Psalm 151 here (PDF page 20).

To be alone. To be alive.

He told me everyone dies.
Therefore death is the least lonely thing about man.
“Life is loneliness” he says. The words itch into my skin.
I think about solitude, how it haunts me in social spaces,
a vain comfort—
                                    you are alive.




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