Sleep is not overrated #NaPoWriMo (day 16)

Titling these post are harder than titling poems. I am tired, and thus that is how you have received the title for entry 16. In reality I should’ve just kept the title simple like I did last year but I got flashy and here we are. Theatricality and deception, powerful agents to the uninitiated, but you are initiated aren’t you? This is why I don’t blog, I have no sense to speaketh to you. Lemme just give you the poem and done.

Oh and of course a poet too. I remember hosting a night when this woman was headlining. I was so absorbed into the set and spun at the end of it that I forgot I was supposed to go back and close out the show afterwards. Also had the privilege of being in BYP class with her this year and she’s a truly gifted poet. The way she has worked with and used form is sensational, read…NOW (PDF page 5). I realise that I haven’t even told you this poets name, Anita Barton-Williams (@DariaNoire) mother and father of Heaux Noire an open mic night for women of colour featuring all women of colour performers. She’s doing a lot, and here words are A LOT.

To write without reading

You take these verses for cloth, bandage yourself in metaphor,
tell yourself ‘peace, peace’.
Dress wounds as though they are not serious.
You have taken the wrong verses, bandaged yourself without linen.


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