Watch Masteps #NaPoWriMo (day 17)

So we are now well past the half way mark, we are about to be 17 poems deep. How you feeling? I like to think my percentages are good, I hope I’m well above 50% from the poetical field. If you think that I’m not, your calculations for stats are wrong. Mwahaha this is my subjective universe. I learnt a dance routine today, because I’m a groomsman to a wonderful (but extra) couple who are turning us into the cast of Thriller. After sweating blood today we got most of the steps down and I am confident that all will go well with this act of movement. Also if anyone speaks Yoruba, or Shona, holler at me. I’m trying to learn so I can win favour with aunties and uncles for noble reasons which, we hope, will lead me from this too comfortable domain of singledom. In reality my efforts will be futile, and young women will roll there eyes as their parent calls me “a nice boy”. That escalated quickly, so lets move on with an equal measure of speed…

When I say improv poetry, you say Jah-Mir Early. I met this guy very early on, when I first started performing my poetry and I’d never seen someone do what he did before. He stood there, and he manifested poetry from the air. I appreciate this mans work, and the love and encouragement he’s shown over the years and continues to show me. He does his thing, and he’s very happy to do his thing and it’s special when you get to witness it. Embedded below is a video of Jah-Mir at BoxediN.

Close your eyes when you hug me

Spin at the speed of the sun.
The way it would move
if your eyes were greater than time,
if you could observe eternity.

Try not to think too hard,
but remember, in eternity’s eyes,
even the sun is but darkness.

So forget the light,
come be darkness with me.




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