Isn’t she lovely #NaPoWriMo (day 18)

Spending the day with a gem >>>>

I am a naive fan of basketball. I have little knowledge and am easily influenced by the pundits. Basketball however I think is one of the most enjoyable sports to watch simply because it’s a show of skill and athleticism that is easy to appreciate. However I’m trying to expose myself to more full matches, which means compromising on early sleep. I haven’t watched a playoff game in its entirety yet, so we’ll see if that happens tonight, as my adopted Bulls take on the Celtics.

Also is anyone watching 13 reasons why? I haven’t but I keep hearing about it, and it’s starting to have the quiet traction that got me watching Stranger Things which I absolutely loved. Is 13 reasons why worth the watch, should I jump on or is it mere hype? Talk to me, let me know I’m not alone, comment or @ me on twirra.

Also Happy Birthday, Lulu. May your future be sweat like succulent mangoes.

Rah, I’m four paragraphs deep and I haven’t mentioned the fire poet recommendation for today. It’s Remi Graves. You know you’re lit when the title of an anthology comes from a line in your work. Step forward Remi (@RemiGraves). She’s such a talented poet, again that I had the privilege of doing Barbican Young Poets with. She’s cold and will be featuring at the Loop on the 11th May, I advise that you go and witness her greaziness in the flesh. Read her anthology piece here (PDF page 11/27).

If you closed your eyes

I like to think I’d do something holy, that I’d be noble,
but if God closed his eyes to me,
if the world stopped watching just for a day,
what other companion would I have but Satan?

I like to think I’d do something holy,
but I wouldn’t, I’d spend the day with the devil.


2 thoughts on “Isn’t she lovely #NaPoWriMo (day 18)

  1. Sorry to be grammar police but you said sweat instead of sweet? Unless you really meant sweat and you want my life to sweat like mangoes; I’m totally cool with that.

    Also, that poem was…..deep? triggering? head spinning? all of the above & more tbh. but I liked it.


    1. P.S 13 Reasons Why, yes, watch it. It’s pretty harrowing/uncomfortable to watch at some points but it sheds light on some really important topics.


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