Community #NaPoWriMo (day 19)

Today I was back in a space that has served me so well over the past months. I have mentioned Barbican Young Poets countless times on this blog because the number of fire poets in that community are ridiculous. I am writing against time, so I won’t be able to articulate everything I feel about the programme and the community I’ve been given access to but it is a truly beautiful thing. I am so grateful for the immeasurable amount of things I have learnt from said community. Honour, praise, and appreciation to Jacob Sam La Rose in perpetuity for what he does and manifest in the world of poetry and beyond. Love and appreciation also to Rachel Long, as well as Lauren and Lorna, bare hugs innit.

As I said, I be in a race against the clock, so I shall be recommending to thee a fire poet. This woman does not have any work online that I know of. I spent a weekend away in a place called Hawkwood thanks to the Roundhouse with a bunch of creatives and Koko Brown was one of them. She is an artist whose weaponry of talents includes poetry. I got to see her work, and she’s doing the most with her work, which blends music and the use of a loop pedal with spoken word. Her show, White, the first in a series is on at the Roundhouse at the beginning of June, for more details and tickets click here. Otherwise follow her on le twitter @TheKokoBrown.

These divine bones

The life is in the blood,
so God must live in the marrow
since he is the one that gives it.

My flesh is not much of a temple,
so He made a home in the bones.


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