Welcome to my HOOD! #NaPoWriMo (day 20)

I am writing this introduction with T-Pain wailing in the background because you know… it’s still a banger. So much of a banger, this intro is definitely going to take me longer than it ought to. Hold tight Croydon though. It’s nice to see creative things especially some poetry events popping up in my bits. Shouts out to Reverb by Writerz and Scribez at Boxpark because they’ve been showcasing some exemplary talent on their stage.

I have had the privilege of writing with the woman that is my fire poet recommendation today. Kit Finnie @KitFinnie is a beautiful wordsmith. I am not sure if she’d want me to share the poem of hers that I have, but it’s probably my favourite of hers so I’ve embedded it below because I think it’ll  be okay.

I spent too much time vibsing to DJ Khaled orchestrated tracks that I am actually releasing this on the 21st April. Lesson for all you kids that aren’t reading my blog, if it’s not ambient sounds or rain noises it will only serve as a distraction not allowing you to work at your optimum speed. Do not be deceived by those folks that revise to music, they are outliers, it’s not by force. Anyways, rather than rush, I decided to drop some extra wisdom to make the wait worth it… not that any of you are up itching for my latest post, but if you were innit.

In bed I stop fighting

I am at war with sleep–
only during day.

When the sun rolls over,
taking the cover with her
leaving me cold,
I am not so brazen.

I surrender, fatigued from fighting,
humble to the bruises mortality left.

Still to the silent footsteps of bullets
as they pass by my head,
sometimes I hear them make threats.

Will you lie this still for death?




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