I should be asleep rn #NaPoWriMo (day 21)

I should be asleep already. I should have done this earlier. I am neglecting you with my introduction today, sorry friends. Today hasn’t been a super busy or stressful day or anything like that whatsoever but today’s writing process was the most frustrating. I spent all day indoors, and more time than I would usually on my Xbox. I’m going to call these factors in why today was so strenuous to write.

I am going to go left and recommend Noname (@Noname) as in Chicago rapper (poet) Noname (Gypsy?) She’s an enthralling wordsmith, check out her project Telefone on soundcloud. You won’t regret it.


Today you wanted a hug,
your hands were offering poems–
incomplete ones.

That is not what you want.
They cannot give what’s wanted.

It’s not hugging when
you cling to yourself.
That’s called holding on.


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