Nuff football #NaPoWriMo (day 23)

So again I am coming with a late late one. I need to rectify this but apparently today is not that day.

I was on YouTube listening to poems, and thus todays fire poet recommendation is Tshaka Campbell (@pappatshak). I was at the event this video is from (big up BoxediN) and this performance gave me MAD chills. So so cold. Watch it below… embedded of course.

Answering “deep” questions

She says I never talk in straight lines.
It’s true.
I scribble everywhere,
then expect her to find the picture.

I am scared not to waffle.
If I speak my words bare,
their nakedness will bring shame.

I am worried about the danger
this tongue holds for its owner.
It is a knife,
my mouth was not made to spit blood.

I want to talk straight for her,
it is not my way.




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