The home stretch #NaPoWriMo (day 24)

We are reaching the home stretch, coming towards the end of Na Po. It’s the final week which really serves to prove that time moves ridiculously fast because it barely feels like April has begun. Perhaps that’s just me, and this month has been a laborious one that feels like it’s never going to end. Either way we are approaching a month till June, which means we are nearly half way through the year, which equally means we will soon be at the point where we are closer to the next year than we are to the last one. It also means that we are approaching the U.K’s interpretation of summer soon too! I don’t know what the British summer has in store for us but it’s going to be more heat than winter so I’m grateful.

I saw this man at Veranda earlier this month, and knew I had to recommend him at some point during Na Po. Joshua Idehen (@BeninCitizen) poet, musician, and twitter… I don’t even know how to describe his tweets, but I catch plenty a joke following his interactions. Anyways his work… LEVELS. He’s got an energy that he brings that is just mad. I’ve gotten fancy and embedded a video that will start at the correct time. I remember watching this whole thing, and not being familiar with Mr Idehen but his piece had me making bare indiscernible noises all the same, by myself, in my front room, late at night, when I was supposed to be being quiet cos my house was sleeping. The video is below.

At the bank’s edge

I drew a line, thick like choppy waters,
made it so I could not cross.
Now I am standing at the bank,
nudging my feet nearer the edge.
Daring myself to walk,
to find the fire on the other side.

Drowning in the middle
is more scary than burning.
Lukewarm water flooding my lungs
with thorned anchors, filling me up,
tearing me open, carrying me down.

I will drown or I will burn
or I will return from whence I came.




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