On the motorway #NaPoWriMo (day 26)

I’m writing this, in the back of a car on my way up to Glastonbury. Read into that what you will, all I’m saying is think main stage, think Jay Z. I might just be making history. The problem with being in a car for me is that I’ve got a dodgy knee that I need to stop playing football on and get checked out. When I sit for too long it gets really stiff and painful. So I’m in the back of this car just waiting for the worst to happen and be in an awkward agony on the motorway.

My poet recommendation is the mega babe Laurie Bolger (@LaurieBolger). If Yomi is uncle then Laurie is like a fairy godmother. She’s an incredible human being of epic bubbly proportions. Her poetry is accessible, down to earth and feels like a warm snuggle with a cuppa, on a couch, watching the telly. Buy her debut collection Box Rooms (so warm) here. Anddd you guessed it, a video embedded below.

Nothing can grow here

The air in this room is dank.
Fertility is dying on the walls.
The windows are opaque with mildew.

There are mustard plants, wilting.



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