Don’t wanna talk #NaPoWriMo (day 28)

It’s odd how easy it is to dismiss the good things that have happened to you, or that you’ve achieved in a day only to focus on  all the things that were bad or could have gone better. In fairness, I feel like this happens to me when I’m less disciplined on the structure of my day with regards to working hours. Structure is important for my productivity, but also my mindset, need to sort that back out. Hmmmmm…

Rah. So I thought I’d recommended this poet to you guys already, maybe I just told you to check out his blog earlier on. Who knows, but Tyrone Lewis! @TyroneLewis22 is a bad boy poet. When he featured for Spit the Atom (a night run by the collective of the same name) he delivered a firecracker of a set. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, his use and referencing of pop culture is elite and so refreshing. As well as poet, he is also a a photographer and filmmaker. He is currently doing a documentary on the UK slam scene called ‘Scores Please’ which you can watch the first few episode of here. Watch him do his thing in the embedded video (oi oi) below.

I ought to address you

It is getting harder for me to write you away,
metaphor no longer covers so well.

I have too many poems in blank envelopes.
I open them on stages and read aloud.
Finish, then reseal in anonymity.

I should write your name in the blank spaces,
deliver these letters to whom they belong.

But what if love doesn’t read the same to you?




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